ASTA Encourages Travel Advisors to Participate in National Travel Advisor Day

by Jessica Montevago

Every first Wednesday in May, the industry collectively celebrates travel advisors as part of National Travel Advisor Day, the rebranded name from the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA).

This year, ASTA is asking its members to remind the public of the tremendous value they add to the travel experience, by reaching out to their communities and sharing their stories.

The advocacy group offers pre-made social media images that advisors can use, and a template for a letter to the editor to reach out to the news media. ASTA also suggests posting on social media using the hashtags #TravelAdvisorDay and #ASTAadvisors.

In addition, ASTA recommends that members make themselves heard on Capitol Hill by sending letters to local and federal lawmakers. ASTA drafted samples of letters about issues directly impacting advisors’ businesses, which can be electronically signed and sent.

In related news, ASTA announced the official launch of a refreshed, a consumer tool that helps ASTA members to generate new business by encouraging the traveling public to connect directly with them.

The website remodel includes new features such as a revamped platform, expert travel content, and even a chat feature for travelers to reach an advisor of their choice in real-time. The new look and functionality are designed to make it easier for travelers to connect with a professional travel advisor.

“As the home for travel advisors everywhere, ASTA is focused on providing travel advisors the tools needed to grow their business,” said Zane Kerby, president and CEO of ASTA. “Today’s travel advisors aren’t intermediaries. They are trusted advisors — akin to financial planners and CPAs — whose knowledge allows them to navigate a complex array of suppliers to maximize value for their clients.”

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